Encaustic means ‘to burn-in’. I take that to be the use of heat as a solvent for a wax based medium. There are many approaches & ideas, many methods & practises. The wax must melt at some stage if the literal definition is to be validated. For some that may be during the making of the paint. For me it is intrinsic to the creative process which manifests the art. Here are a variety of my results, often achieved in very different ways, but always by melting wax at some stage of the process.

encaustic art 2020

encaustic art 2019

encaustic art 2018

encaustic art 2017

encaustic 2016

encaustic FAVOURITES

encaustic CARDS

encaustic CARDS gallery

encaustic ABSTRACT

encaustic ABSTRACT gallery

encaustic LANDSCAPE

encaustic FANTASY

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encaustic RESIN WAX

encaustic PASTE


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