Born in Devon | Moved to Wales in 1962 | Farm life beside the sea for 7 years | ‘The Good Life‘ lifestyle in the eastern Preseli hills from age 13/14 onwards | Carpentry, Wood Turning, Encaustic …. | Bought a cottage & married Shona 2 years later | Moved into House | Children came : girl : boy | Encaustic Painting ‘The Painting Miracle‘ | Encaustic Art | Travel | Busy expressing encaustic art | Many insights and enjoyments in Life | Music | Community |

Founder of the Encaustic Art product line in 1991. Before that “The Painting Miracle” encaustic painting set in 1989. Michael began his encaustic journey in 1986. Demonstration across more than 3 decades helped popularise the encaustic art idea, mainly as a hobby art in the craft area of the market. But some fine art work came out of it too.

In 2019 Michael began to work with Wemke de Jonge in an online course platform they called  and their encaustic art courses continue to carry the wax melting into future growth and success.

We are One, yet we are Many. And as One of the Many, I have Remembered that we are One. What then shall I do but seek to create with beauty as much as I can.

The Greatest Art
Is the Creation of Humanity
By Our Own Wise Choices