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Colouring-over 02 DEVELOP : Ceibwr, a Welsh land and seascape

Colouring-over 02 DEVELOP : Ceibwr, a Welsh land and seascape This is a continuation of the journey from Colouring-over 01 BASICS. Here you can see how to successfully approach the learning of painting techniques and create a satisfying result too, simply by colouring-over an inkjet printout on copy paper (absorbent paper). Some nice shots of […]

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Encaustic.com now responsive for phone, tablet & desktop viewing.

Encaustic.com has now converted to a fully responsive site, meaning that you can browse with ease on any device from phone to tablet & desktop. The new site format also contains a new responsive shop which make phone shopping easier. There are still links to the original HTML site and the original shop too, so if […]

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Gallery Updated with 2016 collection

… so almost half way through February and time to update my gallery image collection to include some newer encaustic art works – encaustic 2016.  I got into the colouring-over idea by realising that many people love colouring-in books and that this is a massive worldwide relaxation hobby. So for those who want to progress toward […]

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Colouring-over: 01 Basics video

Colouring-over: 01 Basics – it’s a fun way to evolve your encaustic painting skills. A great tutorial video lasting 13.5 minutes (bit of an epic!) that carefully explains and shows how to begin the fascinating and really rewarding hobby of colouring-over with encaustic art. Take a look – sorry it’s so long, but even then […]

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One Sacred Nation – a story book online & free

It’s a story of images and not too many words. You can view it here – it is on a selling site but is not about selling this – it is just there to be easily available to view if you so wish. The images are all encaustic works. http://www.photobox.co.uk/creation/1583412807

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xmas cards 3 – STAMPING & Merry Christmas

The third and final video for xmas cards 2015. In this 11 minute session you will see quite a few cards created with seasonal images – Santa, Nativity, Wise Men, Fir Tree & Fairy Candles. Thanks for taking time to look in and share all of this. Merry Christmas to you …

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xmascards 2015 – snowman video

It comes around every year and never fails to stimulate that seasonal imagery we all love – even if it starts a bit too soon! And with snow falling in the UK today this is a pertinent moment to begin a short Christmas card video series on YouTube looking at simple encaustic art xmas card […]

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MB Blog video – Abstract A6 Remix to Landscape

MB Blog video is a time-lapse at one frame a second to speed up the visual journey from abstract practice on an A6 card into Landscape creation. When you first start out in encaustic art the best way to learn skills is to practise freedom and confidence of the iron by creating carefree abstract  patterns […]

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Hochanda TV One Day Special November 12th & 13th

TV One Day Special November 12th & 13th

Another One Day Special happening on November 12th and 13th. What does it mean – it means another 5 hours of encaustic art on offer through TV demonstrations.  Lots of encaustic arts to show everyone with basics as the foundation – abstracts & landscapes pave the way.  Then there are the usual add-in topics like […]

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