MB blog 01 Basic Landscape – Foel Drygarn

Many people who have begun their own journeys in the encaustic art medium might believe that the simple iron made landscapes are the shape they are just because of the rounded shape of the iron’s base-plate. But the thing that actually gave me the confidence and visual ‘memory’ to begin my own voyage into landscape with  an iron was this hill in west Wales, known as Foel Drygarn. It is an ancient Iron Age Hill fort located at the eastern end of the Preseli hills. The Preseli range is a national park and has lovely bleak open spaces and lots of blue stones, even accepted as the quarry for the 29 inner stones of the world famous Stone Henge. In this blog look at the basics of iron landscape I have speeded myself up to make it all a bit shorter. But the important information is still in there. That’s the beauty of video !!  There are a couple more video shots almost at the end, of other similar hill shapes in the Preseli hills close to where I live.
Hope you enjoy it …


    • Bunchy-
    • August 23, 2015 at 7:45 am-
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    the places we connect with and the images we create are inextricably intertwined just as the art that finds its way through us is connected to the places our soul becomes friends with

    • Thanks for your insight Bunchy – and for the friendship of our souls on this encaustic journey too 🙂

    • jenny-
    • August 24, 2015 at 7:30 pm-
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    Thank you Michael for your inspiration,encaustic art is pure magic ,what a wonderful way to step into this magical world of colour ,great to share this with friends too, blessings &light jenny.

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