MB Blog video – Abstract A6 Remix to Landscape

MB Blog video is a time-lapse at one frame a second to speed up the visual journey from abstract practice on an A6 card into Landscape creation.

When you first start out in encaustic art the best way to learn skills is to practise freedom and confidence of the iron by creating carefree abstract  patterns and expressions. There is no right or wrong. But sometimes these end up as single coloured bits of card and one nice way to continue the journey of skills it to turn that card into a simple landscape.Abstract A6 Remix to Landscape. So that is just what this little video blog does – two minutes to watch and see how encaustic art works and how to start and improve your skills whilst still creating successful images. And remember, it is always best to stop when you realise you like the image you have made – why? – … because once changed it is gone forever!


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