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Encaustic.com now responsive for phone, tablet & desktop viewing.

Encaustic.com has now converted to a fully responsive site, meaning that you can browse with ease on any device from phone to tablet & desktop. The new site format also contains a new responsive shop which make phone shopping easier. There are still links to the original HTML site and the original shop too, so if […]

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One Sacred Nation – a story book online & free

It’s a story of images and not too many words. You can view it here – it is on a selling site but is not about selling this – it is just there to be easily available to view if you so wish. The images are all encaustic works. http://www.photobox.co.uk/creation/1583412807

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MB Blog video – Abstract A6 Remix to Landscape

MB Blog video is a time-lapse at one frame a second to speed up the visual journey from abstract practice on an A6 card into Landscape creation. When you first start out in encaustic art the best way to learn skills is to practise freedom and confidence of the iron by creating carefree abstract  patterns […]

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TV one day special

One Day TV Special for Encaustic Art

It’s a simple advert for our 5 hours of opportunity to share encaustic art across the airwaves. And with the autumn upon us what better than to power up the iron and melt some wax colours. It really doesn’t matter whether the objective is for relaxation and hobby or for crafting cards and smaller images

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MB blog 01 Basic Landscape – Foel Drygarn

Many people who have begun their own journeys in the encaustic art medium might believe that the simple iron made landscapes are the shape they are just because of the rounded shape of the iron’s base-plate. But the thing that actually gave me the confidence and visual ‘memory’ to begin my own voyage into landscape with […]

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Blog video begins …

First blog effort here – it’s somewhat chaotic but not too long at 2:42. All very spontaneous really / beginning to work in a new productive context. The idea is to evolve faster manifestation of a more creative video flow, incorporating everything I love to share – encaustic art, photography, music, nature & video itself. […]

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July 2015 – Responsive at last!

Welcome to my new responsive website – launched on July 1st 2015 when I’m still 58 years old. The continuous advance of technology (and the years) demands flowing changes in attitude and capability, so this site is some of that. And if you are interested then there are a lot of photos from across the […]

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