Hochanda TV One Day Special November 12th & 13th

TV One Day Special November 12th & 13th


Another One Day Special happening on November 12th and 13th. What does it mean – it means another 5 hours of encaustic art on offer through TV demonstrations.  Lots of encaustic arts to show everyone with basics as the foundation – abstracts & landscapes pave the way.  Then there are the usual add-in topics like stamps &  fabric. And some new ideas too, like colouring-over.  There are not new things every minute, but the speed and adaptability of encaustic art means there are lots of demos and something different in every hour of the shows that span the day. And of course, you can connect to Hochanda through Facebook and leave your comments – upload images that you have done to help share, encourage and inspire others too. Or email the studio with your images  and maybe get them seen on air. Hope it is enjoyable for us all 🙂 🙂 Fingers crossed then … Michael & Shona

Hochanda TV One Day Special November 12th & 13th

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