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Colouring-over 02 DEVELOP : Ceibwr, a Welsh land and seascape

Colouring-over 02 DEVELOP : Ceibwr, a Welsh land and seascape This is a continuation of the journey from Colouring-over 01 BASICS. Here you can see how to successfully approach the learning of painting techniques and create a satisfying result too, simply by colouring-over an inkjet printout on copy paper (absorbent paper). Some nice shots of […]

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Encaustic.com now responsive for phone, tablet & desktop viewing.

Encaustic.com has now converted to a fully responsive site, meaning that you can browse with ease on any device from phone to tablet & desktop. The new site format also contains a new responsive shop which make phone shopping easier. There are still links to the original HTML site and the original shop too, so if […]

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Gallery Updated with 2016 collection

… so almost half way through February and time to update my gallery image collection to include some newer encaustic art works – encaustic 2016.  I got into the colouring-over idea by realising that many people love colouring-in books and that this is a massive worldwide relaxation hobby. So for those who want to progress toward […]

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Hochanda TV September 23rd 11am 2pm 6pm

…more TV

We’re back on Hochanda for 3 more hours of encaustic art’s creative expression. If you want to watch online then just go to the website at www.hochanda.com and see it live there. Hopefully some of these show will b repeated too … Mean while here are some images from the last event – our kick-off […]

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Blog video begins …

First blog effort here – it’s somewhat chaotic but not too long at 2:42. All very spontaneous really / beginning to work in a new productive context. The idea is to evolve faster manifestation of a more creative video flow, incorporating everything I love to share – encaustic art, photography, music, nature & video itself. […]

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Collaged Cupboard - Michael & Shona Bossom & some old National Geographic Magazines.

Collaged Cupboard ..

Creative life touches each moment and the more conscious one can be of that fact then the more orchestrated the creation itself can be. And in this time of Global change, when over stimulated appetites and pointless waste is in most of our lives (in the west at least), well, recycling is a good thing […]

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